Group Classes

Classes require online pre-registration.

If attendance is less than 2 drop-in classes may not be held. 
Class Offerings available Jeffersontown, KY 40299. 

Currently Scheduled:

Puppy Socialization 
Introduction to Nose Work


Puppy Socialization - Drop In
**Most** Sundays @ 4:30 PM

This class is for puppies under 17 weeks. Puppy Socialization is so important! In this session we give students the opportunity to socialize puppies with other puppies of the same age. We cover topics such as puppy nipping, potty training, nail trims, grooming, jumping prevention, come when called and leash walking and more! We believe the best thing about raising your own puppy is creating the foundation to a lifelong friendship together, but we know how rough that first year can be. Think of this as your puppy owner’s support group!

Your puppy’s critical socialization period closes at 16 weeks, so don’t hesitate to get started. 

Nose Work 

What is Nose Work? According to Wikipedia 

"Nosework is a dog sport sport created to mimic professional detection dog tasks. One dog and one handler form a team. The dogs must find a hidden target odor, often ignoring distractions, and alert the handler. After the dog finds the odor they are rewarded with food or a toy.”  Nosework is a fantastic way to learn together and build trust in a partnership with your dog. 


First we teach our dogs what a search is, then progress to problem solving and then we move on to finding a target odor.  Nose Work can be a fun way to give your dog a job, get them thinking and help them learn to build confidence and focus on one task at a time. Sensitive dogs thrive, and confident dogs learn to slow down and solve the puzzles. 


This class is “Seminar Style” meaning dogs need to be crated or left in your vehicle while other dog-handler teams have their turns.

Dogs should wear a wide flat collar or a Y style harness. 

Dogs need to be confident eating or engaging with a toy in public to enjoy this class. If you’re not there yet, contact us today.

Please email for any questions. 

Topics Classes (by request)

(YOU MUST Send me an email to request & waitlist for these!) They will be scheduled Evenings & Weekends, but only if I have 3 or more on my waitlist. 

Pet Dogs: 

  • Manners for Miscreant Adolescents

    • 4 weeks - Household Manners for that awkward time between 7 months and 2 years. (Jumping Prevention, Distractions & "Dude Just Chill already")

  • Stay There!

    • 4 weeks - Teaches your dog to stay where you put them. 

  • Enjoy the Walk!

    • 3 weeks - Leash walking & Loving it.

  • Total Recall 

    • 4 weeks - "Come" When Called, without the crinkly bag. 

  • DIY Nail Trims

    • Teaching you to do it yourself & Teaching your dog to like it! 5 weeks. 

Sports & Specialty Dog Training

*Leashleassness (A word that I made up)