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We believe that connecting to our animals can bring out the best in each other.

At Wiserdog, we try to remain on the cutting edge of animal behavioral science. We attend continuing education events, seminars and take  classes. We offer effective, veterinarian-backed training in Louisville, Kentucky and surrounding areas. Providing a range of both private and group classes to fit your specific needs, all of our trainers are equipped to help you achieve your goals.

From our owner and head trainer Kathleen Kiefer, CPDT-KA:

I want you and your dog to have the best possible relationship because I know this joy, and I’m inspired to share it.

I’ve spent much of my youth learning about people and carefully honing my teaching skills to what they are today. When I took my first dog to our very first training class, I felt like there was something missing.
Years went by and I found a position teaching dog training classes in a retail environment, this was the beginning of what would become my dog training career and my quest for the missing piece. I’ve grown, I’ve studied neuroscience and psychology. I’ve studied animal behavior and ethology. I’ve continued my journey and committed to a code of ethics to better the face of dog training. I hold a certificate through the  Certification of Professional Dog Trainers. I stand for a better way in animal training.

I am a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge Assessed (Certificate #3164470) 

Continuing Education, Courses and Seminars: 

  • University of Louisville: 

  • Psychology, Biology, Chemistry Neuropsychology 2008-2011 

  • Petsmart Training Certificate 2012

  • Clicker Expo March 2016 

  • Toy Play & Engagement (Denise Fenzi) October 2016

  • Midwest Veterinary Conference (Behavior Track)  February 2017 

  • Click to Calm Reactivity Seminar (Emma Parsons), Louisville, KY November 2017

  • Advanced Animal Training (With Horses!) Ocala, FL January 2018

  • FDSA Training Camp/Fenzi Dog Sports Camp June 2018

  • Building Intensity and Control with Reward-based Methods, with Chad Byerly & Fair Play Mondio January 2019

  • Bomb Proof Obedience (Sara Bruske) February 2019

  • Lemonade Conference 2020

  • Aggression in Dogs Conference 2021


  • Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers - CPDT-KA (2017- current)

  • AKC Approved Canine Good Citizen Evaluator (2020-current) 

United States Mondioring Association (USMRA) 
American Beauceron Club 

Trained Dogs:

Zark is Kathleen's personal performance dog (and friend) who is trained to help with lessons as well as has achieved the following titles. 

Registered Name: Oh Zarking Fardwarks de Haute Crete

United States Mondioring Association: 
Obedience and Jumps Level 1 - High in Trial. 

American Kennel Club: 

AKC Conformation Champion (This was a long process thanks to covid-19) 

AKC Conformation Grand Champion

Farm Dog Certified

Rally Obedience Novice

Scentwork Interior Novice

Scentwork Exterior Novice 

Canine Good Citizen Advanced 

Zark is available for canine talent and animal acting events, demonstrations and more. 

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