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From premier private training services to group classes we're here to make your relationship with your dog enjoyable and joyful. Use our FAQ section or contact us if you have questions.


Do you need a solution, like yesterday? Is your dog jumping on guests or pulling on the leash? Do you just want to enjoy your dog instead of resent them for ruling your life? Are you ready for connection with the animal you love? Book one or more sessions by clicking below. In Home Private Training your trainer will help obtain a custom solution just to meet your needs.

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Group Training Classes can be an effective way to meet your goals and have fun with your dog. Do you like meeting other dog-minded people? Sometimes it's nice to have a support group for that annoyingly adolescent pooch. We offer group classes from Beginner Manners,  Competition Problem Solving and Nosework.

Walking with Dogs


Too busy to give your dog the training he needs? Do you want faster results? Does your dog have too much energy at the end of the day? Day training is a solution and our alternative to "board and train" type programs. Afterall, don't you want to have your pet home anyway?


Currently our day training services are limited to Day School on Fridays, where you drop off your dog for structured social activity, and individual training with your instructor. You pick up a trained, tired dog in the afternoon at our facility in Jeffersontown.


Stay tuned for more exciting programs coming October 2023. 

Vizsla Dogs


Sometimes our pets have 'special needs' like aggression, an inability to be handled by the vet or groomer, fearfulness or anxiety. We have experience working with with veterinary behavior specialists as a care team for these pets. Please book an initial in-home consultation to start the journey for your pet.

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