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Young and Wise Puppy Programs


You're ready for the best puppy you've ever had. You want a professionally socialized puppy who's on a regular potty training schedule, who goes in their crate and who is prepared to come home and fit into your home. Puppy programs are a good start, and they're *prevention* A well socialized puppy will be a better adjusted adult dog. With years of experience raising show dogs and sport dogs, let us help you raise the perfect pal. The sensitive socialization period closes for most breeds at 16 weeks, so early intervention is vital for success with your puppy. 

Two Week Puppy Program

 $2000 + tax

Only for puppies 12-24 weeks old: Includes:

  • 2 Weeks of Puppy Board and train*

    • Structured to the days of a professional dog trainer. We focus on potty training, crate training and helping your pup feel comfortable in a home away from their siblings. Your puppy will get several field trips to learn the world is a safe place where they can focus on the person holding the leash appropriate default behaviors. 

    • Your trainer will be working on establishing manners, jumping prevention and leash walking skills daily. 

    • We will address resource guarding prevention for puppies, and age appropriate elements of the "Puppy Culture" puppy raising program

    • Breed Type appropriate grooming training (exposure to the blow drier/nail trims/baths) 

    • Custom field trips coordinated with owners depending on hobbies (boating, camping, livestock) 

  •  Off-Property Socialization Field Trips for a brave and well adjusted adult dog. 

  • Dog Training Treat Pouch

  • 2 Day School Days after the initial training completion. (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) 

  • 2 In-home Private lessons after pickup. 

*Potty Training and Crate Training will be "jump started" but most dogs are not considered potty trained until they have several weeks in your home without an accident. You must follow management guidelines upon coming home for success. 


Your puppy will *NOT* be fully trained after this program. However you will receive a lower price point for your next program. This program does proper socialization for you, a value you will not know, unless you've known what it's like owning a fearful, timid and fractious dog. This program strives to prevent these issues. 

The Fine Print: Puppies must have had proof of age-appropriate vaccinations Generally this is a series of a combination vaccine against Distemper/ Hepatitis/ Parvovirus/ Parainfluenza. We require the puppy have two rounds of the vaccine before any field trips with us. First Session must be scheduled for a date before the pup turns 20 weeks old. | In home training sessions must be completed within 6 weeks of enrollment. | Socialization Field Trips and Happy Vet Visit may be conducted by a qualified assistant trainer.  Positive Reinforcement Methods Used. 

Working from the Park
  Good dogs get   to go with you.  


Adult Dog Board and Train Packages

You're fed up with the jumping, pulling on leash and unruly, bonkers behavior. You just wish your dog was enjoyable. You don't have time to take a class to teach your dog to stay, you don't have the energy and your dog is jumping all over every guest to your house. Our adult dog programs can be customized to meet your lifestyle and needs. And the best part, you don't have to learn to be a trainer yourself. At the beginning we will meet to plan for everything we will teach your dog. At the end of your program you'll get in-home lessons and/or in-facility lessons to show you how to maintain and reinforce what your dog has learned. 

Programs for Dogs 25 weeks and up, Adolescents and Adults 

Steady and Wise:

Board and train programs usually last between 3-8 weeks. Pricing is determined by your dog's individual needs. Pricing starts at $180 per day.

About board and train programs: Training a dog is not something you want to rush into two weeks or guarantee results. Our dogs are living creatures and the "quick fix" places that are putting undue stress on a dog to get them to perform or submit to the pressures of quick training are unfair and rush through a learning phase. Our goal is to provide a Wiser, kinder more wholistic board and train offering for Louisville, KY. Our programs include in home training, and lessons where you're learning side by side with your dog what they've learned. Your dog will stay with us in our house (guest room set up for dogs) at night and in our training building during the day for training sessions. 

AKC Sports and Conformation programs available!

For Dogs over 25 weeks of age. This program is designed to achieve good house and lifestyle manners for adolescent dogs. 

  • Three to Eight week program customized to your needs. 

  • Common Manners: Sit, Down, Greetings without Jumping, Polite Leash Walking, Recall, Door Threshold Wait, Leave it, Nail Trims, Down Stay, Bed Stay, Crate Training 

  • A Video Log of what and how your dog has learned. 

  • Dog Training Treat Pouch, Treats, Leash, & Other Equipment (Harness, Head collar, etc) 

  • Doggie Language Book

  • Lifetime e-mail & Text support on trained behaviors. 

  • Two In-home lessons included. Deep discounts for additional in-homes. 

  • Private Lessons in-facility available for a year after graduation. 

  • Boarding Touch-ups available. 

The Fine Print: | In home training sessions must be completed within 5 months of enrollment. | General Behaviors Covered: Jumping, Polite Leash Walking, Sit, Down, Leave it, Go to bed, Come When Called | Custom pricing required for behavior modification. 

Boarding available to existing clients for $50/night. 

Inquire now, email 

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