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Our small, exclusive classes with highly skilled instructors will teach you to train your dog and live together with joy. 

Send a TEXT to 502-829-7986  with your name and information about your dog to inquire about classes.  

Group Classes are an economical way to gain new skills and solve your dog’s behavior needs. We offer the following: 

Puppy Socialization Class 

4 weeks / $180+tax 
This class is for
Puppies 8  to 17 weeks old at the start of class. 

This class meets at on Tuesdays at 6:30 PM at the Shelbyville Road Veterinary Clinic. 

Our Puppy Socialization Group Class is the very first class you should take. Did you know that you have up to 16 weeks to get socialization right with your new puppy? You can set yourself up for a lifetime of joy together with your puppy with an early and proper start to your relationship. 
With our rotating enrollment format you won't have to wait to begin the class. You have 6 weeks to attend 4 group classes held at the Shelbyville Road Veterinary Clinic. This allows you the flexibility to skip a week or two if needed. 

Each class rotates in coving topics for new puppies including: potty training, mouthing, biting, polite leash walking, body handling, chewing, grooming and more. 


Puppy Kindergarten Class 

6 weeks / $265+tax 
This class is for Puppies 18 - 27 weeks old at the start of class. 

This class meets at on select Thursdays at 6:30 PM at the Shelbyville Road Veterinary Clinic. 

When your puppy is no longer in the 'most adorable lump of toothed joy' stage, we have the opportunity for you to begin learning about beginner manners and self control for young dogs... geared for the "still a puppy, not an adult"aged dogs.  This age group tends to have plenty of energy to spare and a lack of skills to keep it together.
This 6 week class is structured to work on the more pressing skills needed at this age including: attention to your person, impulse control, jumping prevention, chewing, polite leash walking, continued socialization, house manners,  and being a family pet that's enjoyable for everyone. 

Manners for Family Dogs

6 weeks / $265+tax 
This class is for dogs 28 weeks and older at the start of class. 

This class meets for 6 weeks as scheduled. 

First Class is a HUMANS ONLY Class. 

If you and your dog need some skills to get along together at home or in the world this class is a great start.  We'll start at the human side of learning to train your dog and we'll cover attention, leash walking, impulse control, jumping prevention,  polite door greetings and more. 

These classes vary in location so please check your enrollment. 


Conformation Class - Training Class for show dogs

Drop-in | $20 +tax 

Are you interested in training your dog to be a show dog? Our conformation classes focus on
teaching you how to train your own show dog for AKC or UKC conformation showing. Learn to handle, stack (or stand nicely) and gait your dog in the show ring. Kathleen has experience showing beauceron and has worked with teams on problem solving training problems for the show ring. There's nothing like the feeling of showing a happy confident dog that you trained yourself. 


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