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Our small, exclusive classes with highly skilled instructors will teach you to train your dog and live together with joy. 

Send a TEXT to 502-829-7986  with your name and information about your dog to inquire about classes.  

Group Classes are an economical way to gain new skills and solve your dog’s behavior needs. We offer the following: 

Obedience Club Drop-In 

Wednesdays 7:00 PM / Weekly 

This class is for dogs who are ready to explore dog sports or competition obedience. Handlers will receive coaching in a seminar style environment. 

Nosework Club Drop-In 

Thursdays 7:00 PM / Weekly 

This class is for dogs who want to learn about the K9 Nosework sports, teach your dog to hunt for anise birch and clove odors in this fun game that will improve your bond and exercise your dog's brain.

Group Family Dog Manners - COMING SOON - April 

Join us at Roo's Pet Supplies in Shelbyville for a group manners class that will prep you for your dog's Canine Good Citizen Test. We'll cover attention, leash walking, stay and more in an 8 week class. 
Contact Roo's Pet Supplies for more information. 




Updated Feb 28, 2024 

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