Our mission is to share the joy of the lightbulb moment with people and their pets.

We believe training is done with dogs, not to dogs.  We provide reward-based training, coaching and instruction to build clear communication and understanding between our clients and the animals we share our lives with.



Service Hours 

In Home Training:

Monday - Friday 

Southern Indiana Area: on Fridays

In Facility Training:

Sunday 11am-6:00 PM
(Saturdays we rest)

Group Puppy Classes at SRVC Vet Clinic: 
Tuesday & Thursday Evenings


Private Training gives you access to a trainer’s experience. You’re able to ask questions, and we adapt our teaching style to make sure you’re learning how to train your dog, maintain behaviors and set everyone up for success. We offer In Home, In Facility and Virtual Private Lessons.

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Group Classes are an economical way to gain new skills and solve your dog’s behavior needs. We will provide you with tools and tricks to teach your pet how to be a well-mannered companion. We offer Beginner Puppy, Adult, Scent Work and Specialty classes for all levels of teams.

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We offer several specialty classes that can further your understanding and relationship with your dogs. We take pride in sharing the joy of learning together.

Scent work is a way for dogs to use their senses and engage in species specific behavior in an appropriate manner. We also offer conformation or show-dog classes. 

Possible Topics: Sport Dog Foundations, Competition Obedience (AKC & Mondioring) Nose Work, Rally -Obedience. Conformation Handling & Training of show dogs. 

You may need to request a class, and if you can gather a group of friends it will be easier for me to add the class to my schedule more quickly. 

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Behavior modification is more than just correcting a dog. Behavior modification often involves teaching the dog to feel differently about his environment. We help the handler team navigate emotionally charged situations, and grow together in the process. Our empathetic, scientific approach is endorsed by veterinarians for anxiety, aggression and fearfulness.

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