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Sharing the joy of the lightbulb moment

Professional Dog Training.
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Personalized to optimize your joy.

What people say...

I love a plan, so my most valuable lesson is the plan forward to get the change I want from my dog. 

Morgan H.

My trainer had the full attention of my dog and was able to train her and train me.  I feel confident that I can continue training and have a well mannered four legged friend. 

Mary A.

Kathleen is phenomenal! She has been a tremendous guide in advising us on our super energetic puppy, JoJo. She continues to provide support and guidance so that we can give JoJo her best life, while melding it with ours. We really appreciate all that Kathleen has done for us. 

Stephanie W.

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Life with animals brings us joy. 

Most of the time.


I believe that communication is most effective as a two-way conversation. A conversation that feels safe for both parties involved. And if you don't feel safe, you can't learn. I understand that. 

Knowing the friendship of any animal is a special feeling. Sometimes things get in the way of our friendships. Frustration, fear, and resentment often result when our animals go misunderstood. They develop problem behaviors, and we begin to lose the joy. 


I'm committed to making certain that my human clients and animal learners gain the skills they need to build that particular joy. 


Build Joy!

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  • Private Dog Training

  • Group Classes

  • Puppy Training

  • Day Training

  • Dog Hiking

  • Clicker Training Instruction

  • Grooming Behaviors

  • Lunch & Learns for Vets 

  • Behavior Consultation

  • Dogs, Horses, Goats, Donkeys & More!