Covid - 19 Update

We are dedicated to stopping the spread of the virus and supporting the public health guidelines set by the CDC and state and local government. 

We will follow all social distancing guidelines and have lessons outdoors. We also offer video teleconferencing and telephone consultations. Please contact us with any questions. 


Sharing the joy of the lightbulb moment. 

I strive to share the wisdom of animal training with my clients. I live for the joy of happy relationships with animals and seeing that connection grow. I believe in evidence-based, positive methods for both my human and animal learners. I'm committed to continuing education and sharing the joy of learning with others.  

Life with animals brings us joy. 

Most of the time.


I believe that communication is most effective as a two-way conversation. A conversation that feels safe for both parties involved. And if you don't feel safe, you can't learn. I understand that. 

Knowing the friendship of any animal is a special feeling. Sometimes things get in the way of our friendships. Frustration, fear, and resentment often result when our animals go misunderstood. They develop problem behaviors, and we begin to lose the joy. 


I'm committed to making certain that my human clients and animal learners gain the skills they need to build that particular joy. 

Build Joy!

Offering Louisville & Surrounding Areas: 


  • Private Dog Training

  • Puppy Training

  • Day Training

  • Clicker Training Instruction

  • Grooming Behaviors

  • Happy Vet Visits

  •  Behavior Consultation

  • Dogs, Horses, Goats, Donkeys & More!

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