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Private Training gives you access to a trainer’s expertise. You’re able to ask questions, and we adapt our teaching style to make sure you’re learning how to train your dog. For all appointments Kentucky Sales Tax will be added. 

  • Initial In-Home Consultation / $195 + tax

    • In our first session your trainer gathers information that can’t be sized up in our enrollment forms. This is a requirement for dogs who may have aggression or behavior modification needs.

      • In a typical first session we identify our training goals together. We set up your environment for success, and make sure any management needs are met. We begin to work on a system of communication and start teaching human skills and begin dog training exercises to start owners with a foundation that we build upon.

      • If the deposit isn't completed within 24 hours of booking your appointment the appointment will be cancelled. 

      • Tuesdays and Thursdays with Kathleen

  • There is a $50 + tax non-refundable deposit to hold an Initial In-Home appointment. This may be transferred to appointments which have been rescheduled before the  allowance period.

  • Follow Up In-Home Training Sessions / $160 + tax

    • Follow up sessions can be purchased individually. There is a $40 non-refundable deposit to hold an appointment for follow up appointments.

    • Sundays and Tuesdays

  • In Facility Private Training Session  (55min) / $100 + tax

    • Follow up sessions can be purchased individually, or a package of 3 for $260.

    • Monday Through Friday

    • All In Facility lessons are held in a semi-climate controlled shelter on Private Property

    • There is a $40 non-refundable deposit to hold an appointment for follow up appointments.

  • In-Facility Lesson Packages:

    • 1 Lesson $100

    • 3 Lessons : $260

  • Day School Packages:

    • 3 Days: $240

    • 12 Days (MWF for 4 weeks) $912



  • Group Classes Range from $190-$450 depending on the class. 

  • Group Class participants are encouraged to do a minimum of (2x) 15 minute practice sessions a day outside of class in-between classes. 

  • Group Classes must be paid in full by the start of the class. 

  • Please view group class policies here. 


Board and Train packages begin at $180/night and are customized to your needs. 



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